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        Online MBA Ranking 2019

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        Rank in 2019
        Rank in 2018
        Rank in 2017
        Three-year average
        Business school
        Programme name
        Salary today (US$)[1]
        Salary increase (%)[2]
        Value for money rank[3]
        Career progress rank[4]
        Aims achieved (%)
        Careers service rank
        Prog. delivery rank[5]
        Online interaction rank[6]
        Female faculty (%)[7]
        Female students (%)[8]
        Women on board (%)
        Intl. faculty (%)[9]
        Intl. students (%)[10]
        Intl. board (%)[11]
        Intl. mobility[12]
        Corporate social responsibility rank
        Faculty with PhD (%)[13]
        FT research rank[14]
        Course tuition and fees (local currency)
        Prog. length[15]
        Online teaching (%)[16]
        Intakes per year
        Time limit[17]
        Graduate within 5 years (%)
        Online coursework[18]
        Online exams (%)[19]
        Online teamwork
        Students required to study at local centres
        Students required to study on university campus fully online (%)
        Regions where MBA is supported
        110201Warwick Business SchoolUKWarwick MBA by Distance Learning214,14131,147384221081232726639430133382470422430410004331,2103.7510003040902.5100000YesNoYesGlobalEnglish
        220102IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainGlobal MBA169,04414,986372653178110241204003325216839429262119916348,0001.5833201.501000833850YesNoYesGlobalEnglish
        330303University of Massachusetts Amherst: IsenbergUSIsenberg Online MBA170,6122,524397327676281052514511331230244711009137719935,983310003040100010001000YesNoNoGlobalEnglish
        440705Indiana University: KelleyUSKelley Online MBA143,0711,718313776481527133527128123529113335272108021067,8303970204110009501000YesNoYesGlobalEnglish
        5---University of North Carolina: Kenan-FlaglerUSMBA@UNC163,0262510979434322821355468832124,3452.1974310097100YesNoNoGlobalEnglish
        670506University of Florida: WarringtonUSHybrid Online MBA123,6761,55936285107793912012252351131270470010729613054,49821000407099.390.61800200YesNoYesGlobalEnglish
        750907Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKOnline MBA124,66115,597252422179159981010361273381764148369121179818421,0003.4100020208741000100100YesNoNoGlobalEnglish
        812013011Northeastern University: D'Amore-McKimUSOnline MBA130,5861,1772829105173317627228240018224150428298605180,0003.071000905092.50.510001000YesNoNoGlobalEnglish
        980407AGSM at UNSW Business SchoolAustraliaMBAX129,6845,376280518371065106954054385007664250051695574A$57,9604.81000306072.37.310001000YesNoNoGlobalEnglish
        1014014013University of Bradford School of ManagementUKDistance Learning MBA118,9214,241342104171171287810357311330371771331140586110917,4253.61000406091310009997.9YesNoNoGlobalEnglish
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        Table notes* Data in these columns are for information only and are not used in the rankings. ** Average course tuition and fees (local currency)

        1. Average alumnus salary three years after graduation, US$ PPP equivalent.

        2. Percentage increase in alumnus salary in the past three years: between their salary on graduation in 2015 and current salary.

        3. Calculated according to alumni’s salary increase, fees and other costs.

        4. Progression in the alumni’s level of seniority and the size of company they now work for, versus three years ago on graduation.

        5. The extent to which alumni rate the online delivery of live teaching sessions, other teaching materials and online exams.

        6. The extent to which alumni rate the interaction between students, teamwork and the availability of faculty.

        7. Percentage of female faculty.

        8. Percentage of female students on the MBA programme.

        9. Percentage of faculty whose citizenship differs from their country of employment.

        10. Percentage of current MBA students whose country of residence differs from the country the school is located in.

        11. Percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the country in which the business school is situated.

        12. Calculated according to whether alumni’s citizenship and work locations pre-MBA, on graduation and three years after graduation differ from each other.

        13. Percentage of full-time faculty with a doctoral degree.

        14. Calculated according to the number of articles published by a school’s current full-time faculty members in 50 academic and practitioner journals between January 2016 and December 2018. The rank combines the absolute number of publications with the number weighted relative to the faculty’s size.

        15. The average amount of time students take to complete the programme.

        16. Percentage of programme teaching materials that is delivered online.

        17. The maximum amount of time students have to complete the programme.

        18. The percentage of coursework completed online.

        19. The percentage of examinations that are completed online.

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